Assay Solution, your trusted research partner.

About Us

AssaySolution (est. 2016) is located in Woburn, MA. We provide high quality reagents for immunological and functional assays to the researchers in both academia and pharmaceutical/ biotech industry. Our immunological reagents mainly include antibodies IHC antibodies, antibody pairs (for sandwich assays like ELISA, FRET, AlphaLISA, multiplex assays), and ELISA kits (colorimetric and fluorescence based). Our functional assay reagents are designed for screening and assessing protein-protein interaction, protein-small molecule binding and validation. AssaySolution product lines include SensiMax™  Series, SensiLite™  Series, HSProfiler kits, StepTID assay kits, antibodies, and other related reagents.

We bring customers not only catalog reagents with competitive prices, but also provide customized products and services to meet your specific needs. Our well educated, experienced scientists are highly motivated to serve you for your success in your research and development endeavor.

We respect the trust that you place in your R&D partner. Therefore we emphasize high quality in everything we do so the best product is in your hands.  

AssaySolution products are sold under the AssaySolution brand name, and several additional brands as OEM products. Qualified technology and reagents companies are welcome to contact us for potential collaborations.