Acrp30 Mouse, Trimeric

Adiponectin is a hormone exclusively expressed from adipose tissue. Many studies demonstrate that adiponectin has direct anti-diabetic, anti-atherogenic and anti-inflammatory functions. APM-1 can increase insulin sensitivity of skeletal muscle, attenuate hepatic lipogenesis and luconeogenesis, regulate NO production in endothelial cells, inhibit proliferation of smooth muscle cells and prevent lipid accumulation of macrophage cells.In the circulation, adiponectin is present as three different oligomeric complexes, including the high molecular weight (HMW), the middle molecular weight (MMW, also called hexamer) and low molecular weigh (MMW, also called trimer) forms 8. Different oligomeric complex of adiponectin activates different signaling pathways and exerts distinct functions.
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Trimeric form of Acrp30 Mouse was expressed in HEK293 cells.The cysteine 39 was replaced with alanine (C39A) 9. mAd-C39A can only form trimer, but not hexamer or HMW form.
Products specifications
Expression host HEK293 (Human embryonic kidney cell line).
Purity Acrp30 Mouse purity is greater than 95% as determined by SDS-PAGE.
Formulation Mouse Acrp30 filtered (0.4um) and lyophilized from 0.5 mg/ml in 0.05M phosphate buffer, 0.05M NaCl, pH 7.2.
Solubility Add deionized water to prepare a working stock solution of approximately 0.5 mg/mL and let the lyophilized pellet dissolve completely. Product is not sterile! Please filter the product by an appropriate sterile filter before using it in the cell culture.
Synonyms Acrp30, AdipoQ, GBP-28, APM-1, ACDC.
Stability Store lyophilized Acrp30 Mouse at -20°C. Aliquot the product after reconstitution to avoid repeated freezing/thawing cycles. Reconstituted Acrp30 Mouse can be stored at 4°C for a limited period of time; it does not show any change after two weeks at 4°C.
References Title: Evidence that adiponectin receptor 1 activation exacerbates ischemic neuronal deathPublication: Experimental & translational stroke medicine 2.1 (2010): 15.Link:
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