CEBPB Antibody

CEBPB is an intronless gene and its protein is a bZIP transcription factor which can bind as a homodimer to certain DNA regulatory regions. CEBPB can also form heterodimers with the related proteins CEBP-alpha, CEBP-delta, and CEBP-gamma. CEBPB is important in the regulation of genes involved in immune and inflammatory responses and has been shown to bind to the IL-1 response element in the IL-6 gene, as well as to regulatory regions of several acute-phase and cytokine genes. In addition, CEBPB can bind the promoter and upstream element and stimulate the expression of the collagen type I gene.
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Products specifications
Applications CEBPB antibody has been tested by ELISA and Western blot analysis to assure specificity and reactivity. Since application varies, however, each investigation should be titrated by the reagent to obtain optimal results. Recommended dilution range for Western blot analysis is 1:500 ~ 2,000. Recommended starting dilution is 1:1,000.
Synonyms CCAAT/enhancer-binding protein beta, C/EBP beta, Liver activator protein, Nuclear factor NF-IL6, Transcription factor 5, TCF-5, CEBPB, LAP, TCF5, CRP2, IL6DBP, MGC32080.
Type Mouse Anti Human Monoclonal.
Clone P47A1AT.
Immunogen Anti-human CEBPB mAb, is derived from hybridization of mouse SP2/O myeloma cells with spleen cells from BALB/c mice immunized with recombinant human CEBPB amino acids 1-271 purified from E. coli.
Ig Subclass Mouse IgG1 heavy chain and light chain.
Purification Method CEBPB antibody was purified from mouse ascitic fluids by protein-G affinity chromatography.
Protein formulation 1mg/ml containing PBS, pH-7.4, & 0.1% Sodium Azide.
Storage Procedures For periods up to 1 month store at 4°C, for longer periods of time, store at -20°C. Prevent freeze thaw cycles.
Stability / Shelf Life 12 months at -20°C. 1 month at 4°C.