Ultrasensitive Detection iPCR Kit

Immuno-PCR (iPCR) is a method that combines the advantages of both enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) and PCR, is a powerful method for detecting low quantities of protein antigens. Despite its potential, for a long time iPCR was an underutilized method as evidenced by the low number of publications on its routine application. The introduction of ready-to-use reagents, reduction of protocol time and the development of reliable systems is opening the way for iPCR to become a routine method for use as a way for sensitive antigen/antibody detection in clinical setting, as well as a more popular tool to study the protein target in drug discovery research. Its advantage over traditional ELISA includes but not limits to:

  • A typical 100–10 000-fold improvement over the detection limit of the ELISA has been obtained in almost all applications
  • For medium level targets, a lower than 1 uL of serum, plasma, urine, CSF, supernatant, or 1 ug cell lysate is enough for the detection assay. This will greatly save your precious samples.
  • Due to low sample volume or high dilution, the matrix effect originated from serum, plasma, CSF, cell lysate or others will disappear or be minimized
  • Detection for low abundant targets becomes reality. Since the detection limit is extended from 1- 100 ng/mL to 1 -100 pg/mL, or from to 1 -100 pg/mL to 1 -100 fg/mL, the changes of many biomarkers can be detected for drug efficacy or patient status evaluation.

AssaySolution will deliver the best in-house assay development for your ultrasensitive target detection. In the meantime, we can also deliver validated ultrasensitive kits to you at a reasonable cost and fast turn-around time.


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iPCR Conversion Kit

Validated, ready-to-use iPCR conversion kit.